The Gross Side of Pregnancy.

I hate to bring this up, but I have to. Blah!! I'm warning you now, since I know most people are squeamish with these sorts of topics.

Ever since Saturday, I've had diarrhea. Ewe, I know, but I warned ya'! lol. It's been explosive. Okay, enough with the details. Yesterday, Sunday, I could have sworn that it could perhaps be caused by stress. Stress induced diarrhea seems to be a symptom of anxiety. I figured with the situation that we are dealing with right now, that it could be a possible fit. However, I did a Google-Fu search and I got this:

"Take notice of any unexplained digestive disturbances, such as diarrhea or nausea. Digestive disturbances during late pregnancy are often a response to increased hormone levels of prostaglandin, which occurs at the onset of labor."

This would make perfect sense! Especially since I am already at 35 weeks (+ some odd days) and it could be my body prepping for labor. Also, I've suffered from "First Day" diarrhea on the first first day of my menstrual. So I was wondering, any of you have ever suffered from this pregnancy symptom before baby got here? I know that this sort of "symptom" isn't a giant indicator of labor like contractions or water breaking, but it's still somewhat of a Fun Fact.

Speaking of Fun Facts: Baby Boy has for some wild reason decided that he loves hanging out on the left hand side of my belly. You can literally feel his body all lumped together on one side from time to time. This is causing my belly to look somewhat like an egg shape. Crazy, right? Kids, they are funny.