Officially 38 weeks

Symptoms: I am starting to get contractions. Feet get swollen if I walk all day or am cooking all day. Discharge everywhere. I know, TMI.
Weight gain/loss: I am at 146lbs as of Thursday. So weird to be at a weight that I have never been at.
Maternity clothes? I gave up trying on my pre-pregnancy jeans. I am all maternity pants now.
Stretch marks? None. *whew*
Sleep? I get my sleep, but am constantly waking up to pee every hour or two. Not fun.
Best moment this week? I went to see my OB and he said baby's head is low, ridiculously low. No dilation though :\ But Steve felt his little foot and toe!!
Food cravings/aversions: Frosty's or any type of ice cream.
Gender: <3 Boy!
Belly button in or out? Weird. It's flat. Baby is posterior, which means nothing is helping "push" the belly button out.
Movement? Not as much, but still active.
What I miss? None aching legs.
What I'm looking forward to: To meet him. I am so eager and anxious to see his handsome face.
Milestones: Going past "full term."

My bare belly//sideways

Bare belly//front facing.

A little bit clearer.