10 Things I love About Michael--2

Mommy and Michael. <3

It's been about four months since I last posted a "10 Things I Love About Michael" post. Figured that many things have changed and many things have been discovered since then. So why not?
  •  I love that little high pitched squeal you do when you get excited. It makes me laugh and I try to do whatever it was to make you do it again.
  • I love how when you wake up before I do (and I'm now semi-asleep), you tap my face with your hand to wake me up.
  • I love how when we cuddle in bed, you extend your arm and touch my shoulder--you are wrapping your arms around me.
  • I love how you seem to cry out, "Ma!" when crying. I don't know if you are officially crying out for me or my name, but let's pretend that you are.
  • I love how now you are trying to crawl. That little humping motion you do is hilarious. "Ready. Set. ___"
  • I love how you KNOW who your grandparents are. You absolutely adore my parents and they you. Head butts are what you and my dad share.
  • I love how you will eat everything! No matter what solid I give you, you seem to like it.
  • I love how excited you get over Elmo singing. Especially over his theme song, "Elmo's World."
  • I love how you chase over Jambi in the walker. He has officially become your dog. Poor thing. Ha!
  • I love your determination. Once you want something, you let everyone and everything know about it.
Aside from my favorite things that I love about my little guy, I wanted to mention how excited I am that my birthday is around the corner. Yep. I turn thirty one years old and this time around, I get to have my little guy to blow the candles with. Last year, he was in my belly. I'm so excited over the many "First Holidays" we are getting to enjoy this year with Michael. All beginning with Easter and are now on our way to enjoying one of my favorite holidays--Halloween. We will be celebrating this year by going to the local zoo's Boo at the Zoo festivities. Quite possibly, we may even go trick-or-treating. Soon after, Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving is a wee bit special for me. Last year, on that exact date (Nov. 24th), we found out that we were having a boy. So I get a bit nostalgic when I hear about this year's Thanksgiving. Christmas will be loads of fun, like every year, but this year will be that much more special with him. I cannot wait for this holiday season. <3