Hot days call for hose days.




*Disclaimer: Michael, after this picture was taken, was taken to a shaded area where he continued to play.



It’s been that kind of weather around here. The type where all you want is cold water streaming down on you constantly. The triple digit heat has been unbearable. Blah! I hope this heat wave goes away soon. I really do! Luckily it’s been rather cool inside the house, so you can somewhat tolerate the heat that way, but sometimes, water is just the answer. All I can do is shake my fist to the sky and curse the weather, “Damn you heat! Don’t you know I had plans!!” Yes, had. This is because after stepping outside once, all you want to do is stay in doors and be lazy. But one can’t be lazy when you have an active toddler who just wants to play and play, and all you want to do is just lounge around and do nothing—absolutely nothing.