Look who is 15 months!



Aside from the the thievery that went on in our family, it was also Michael’s 15 months Birthday! I was so excited Wednesday morning about his turning 1 more month. He’s grown so much since the last Michael Monthly Update. So I thought I would go and do one for fun times. I kind of missed these. :)


Weight & Length:

Michael is officially 15 months old as of the 4th of July. He has grown so much since his last update, that I am still in awe over how much change has taken place.
Weight: 24lbs

Length: 32inches tall!

Sleep & Naps:

Michael is officially sleeping through the night! I don’t think you guys get how exciting this is! I practically celebrate each morning when I know he has slept through the night. It’s like a Hallelujah around here! Anyways, he is sleeping through the night (I can’t stop saying that) and naps about twice a day, usually for 2 hours each. He wakes up at 6:30am (argh! That’s the downfall since when he had “broken sleep” he would wake up at 7:30am or 8am) and goes down for a nap at 11am and another at 3pm. Meh, I’d rather have consecutive hours for a full night and then catch up with a nap at 11am if I can.


I am proud to say that he is off bottles! No weaning, no nada. Just cold turkey and it worked great!! Adding flossing to his night time regimen helps a ton for no bottles during the night.



He was still wearing size 3 diapers. He is on the small/slim side and has finally graduated to size 4.




Papa, Mi’jo (“Mi hijo”/My Son), Mikey, Maikito (Spanish), and Monster.


He is a hoot! If he hears the phone ring, his little hand clasps over his little ear and he says, “Ey-yo!” and then laughs sarcastically. He also laughs, while holding his tummy, when he sees someone on the phone. It’s not a laugh laugh, but a “Ha ha” that you know is a forced one. I think he is mimicking funny conversations. Michael also loves to snort and make “Argh” sounds. This usually means he has turned into a Monster. My dad taught him to make a fist and move it left and right, almost mimicking the agitator of a washing-machine (he says that when he was a kid, there was a laundry detergent commercial in Mexico where the agitator would sound like “Chaca-chaca” and the announcer would say “con Ariel.” Ariel was the laundry detergent.)  He is quite the joker and loves to laugh.





  • He is walking!
  • Michael also says various words, “Hey-yo” (hello), “Leche” (milk), “Ava” (water), “Shez!” (Cheese for pictures), and “Doggy” with “Arf! Arf!” Elmo is also a known “word” around here, but he calls him “Papu!”
  • Has been weaned completely from the bottle.
  • He climbs off the beds with ease.
  • Sleeps through the night.
  • Eats practically everything we do and that is awesome! Saves my brain from trying to figure out extra meals.