No sweater for me, please!

hotdayThe heat is approaching the triple digits around here. Today was the last day where it will stay in the cool 90’s (yeah right!) It’s been unbearable, so I can only imagine how tomorrow will feel. Steve and I decided that it would be a nice treat to take Michael to the local water park. Since we are on a budget “free” sounded even more tempting. Off we went!


I’m usually the one behind the lens, so all I have to show for the day is two measly pictures and a video clipped. However, I assure you that Michael had tons of wet fun! All you could hear from him were squeals, which mean “This is a blast. mom!!”  Which I am glad he liked. Since I was “chaperoning” his new adventure (okay, we all know this was my excuse to join in the water fun. Gotta stay cool right?) I too got a wee bit wet (see: soaked everything!) After a good while, it was off to run a quick errand and go home, but not before the mandatory diaper change and potty breaks. After I handed Michael to my mom (who came in tow along with my brother Luis) and I used the rest room, I came out to this: