Toddle Along Tuesday: Vacation.

This year, vacations were not on our To Do List for Summer. It just wasn’t meant to be. However, we did take a trip or two as a One Day get-away during the sizzling season, so those count. Right?


The First was the San Francisco Zoo:



It’s the only picture I have. ha ha! As hot as it was in the Golden State’s Capitol (90+ degrees) it was in the low 60’s in San Francisco. So sweaters, jackets, and maybe a scarf or two were a must!


The other trip we took was to Los Angeles. A total 180. Los Angeles is really nice and warm. I loved it! Haven’t been to the city since 2006 and that’s when my husband decided to take me to my first trip ever to Disneyland (always wanted to go.)



You can read that post here.


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