Doodle McDoodle.

One of my favorite bloggers, Kristen Victoria over at KV’s Confessions, joined a linky party. I loved the theme of the link up and wanted to join. I took the picture but with all of the unpacking and billion of other things I’ve got going on, I plum forgot. So without further ado, here’s that picture. Although I am a wee bit late joining the party, I thought I would post it anyways.


I loved doing this because in high school, I was the one doodling all over the notes that my friends and I passed along to each other during class. I looked forward to receiving them. There were a select of my close friends who would get pages upon pages in one letter, and I would receive the equivalent. That’s how much I loved writing letters back then. Not only would the letters contain TOP Secret secrets, but there were doodles on there. This brought so many memories.




Instructions called for:

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-favorite quote.


that’s it! Have fun!