My house is full of crap.

Movingpic1We all know that moving sucks. Big time! Packing up everything and hauling it somewhere and then taking everything out of those boxes. It’s not fun at all. However, the only upside to moving (is there one? I think so!) is that you will find all of this crap that you never knew you had. Wait? How is that a good thing? Stay with me. This whole moving situation gives you the chance to get rid of all of that crap. Like now, for me. I never knew how much crap I had!! Seriously! More specifically, I never knew how much crap Michael had. This little guy who can barely haul his little lunch box full of cars has a ton of crap! I’m donating the majority of it (through Freecycle or Good Will) and am “passing down” the others to my sister in law for her baby.



Problem solved? Not quite. There is still that giant pile of  clothing that I cannot get rid of. Like his first pair of Converse. His first pair! I cannot and will not give those away. What about his first pair of Jordan’s? Or his onsies where he looked so cute! Or those “huaraches” that his Abby gave him from her trip to Mexico. What I thought would come about this project of “Give away Crap” turned into my keeping a rather large portion still. But how can I not? He’s my first child. His little clothes remind me of how small and precious he was (and still is.) So my next problem is—Where do I stash this new “smaller” pile of crap, err momentos?!