BYou {Be You Own You}

Being a teenager is hard now a days. Being a tween girl is even harder. So much of our world has changed since I was a kid. Everywhere you turn there is some form of pressure trying to lure girls to look and dress a certain way (skinnier and sexier.) This shouldn’t be this way. Girls should be told it’s okay to be little girls and not told to grow up so quickly. Which leads me to this…


A few weeks ago I was contacted by BYOU about their magazine. It’s a great magazine geared for little girls and tween girls. The magazine teaches girls that it’s okay to be who you are and how self esteem is important. As soon as I opened the sparkly purple envelop and saw the magazine, I knew it was special.  This is the sort of magazine that I would let my daughter (if I had one) read. In fact, if I were 20 years younger I definitely would have picked it up to read.

The magazine contains stories about tween girls and how inspirational they are. There are crafts,quizzes, and horoscopes. Beauty tips just like the other magazines as well as an advice column. How great is that?! All of the advertisements are all age appropriate as well.


I was not paid to do this review. These are my own opinions.