I feel pretty!

I’ve been feeling somewhat down in the dumps about my having recently turned 32 and my looks. I’ve noticed that age is somewhat catching up to me. No, not grey hairs yet, but dark circles and bags are inevitably there. My husband has assured me that I the years have been gracious to me and I need not worry about those pesky candles on my cake. Bah! I’ve said time and time again. It’s sort of like when you keep hearing how pretty you are from your parents—it doesn’t quite count, right? It’s not like when you were a teen and a cute boy says you are pretty. When those close to you say it, it somewhat feels biased. Am I right?




This past weekend I got that little lift I needed. I was at the grocery store doing what we all do at the grocery store when…


"No way! You have a baby?! Aren't you just turning like 20?!"
I was in the baby aisle and picking some items up for my toddler. I laughed and said, "Sir, I am 32 years old and have a toddler. But thank you for the compliment." I walk away with blushing cheeks to my husband and my son who were waiting for me on the other end of the aisle. My husband asked why I was blushing and I told him what happened. Not long after, we run into the same guy. He asked my husband if I was indeed 32, my husband confirmed.


So I got a pick me up. It was definitely what I needed. Which got me thinking, maybe I can make someone’s day by complimenting them. Be it a stranger or someone I know. Pay it forward I say :)