Organizing my 2013

Everyone I know has made some sort of resolution for the new year. Me on the other hand, couldn’t come up with one. I don’t what I could do. Exercise? It wouldn’t work. Eat at home more? We already do that since I cook every day for all three meals. It wasn’t until Pinterest inspired me to get more organized with my life. Seriously. That’s basically my resolution. It’s something I’ve been pinning and have been wanting to for a while now so it makes since. This new inspiration led me to this website:




Ginny over at Organizing Homelife is amazing! She has all sorts of free printables where one can organize themselves/their life. From daily cleaning chores to monthly calendars and even weekly menu planning. Like I said, she is amazing. After I found her, I immediately became excited and download happy. Now I can organize 2013 and hopefully stick to it.