{Influenster} “Fresh Infusion” by Palmolive.

palmolive1When I was a kid dishwashing was a chore. It still is. However, as a kid I always remembered my mother using the dark green dish detergent by Palmolive. These days, I hope from brand to brand trying to figure out what works best for my little family. Palmolive is one of those brands that I tend to come back to often.
When Influenster asked me to try out Palmolive’s new line called “Fresh Infusion” I was delighted. Lucky for me, the trio arrived right as I was running out of dish soap. Ha! Psychic are we now?! I used the yellow one titled “Lemon and Thyme.” If you know me personally, I love lemons whether it’s the taste or smell so I had to try this one.  Although the chore of washing dishes is something I will always loathe, this new line makes washing those pesky dishes a bit more pleasant.

Some of the notes I had when I was testing these are:

-Smells wonderful not like “dish soap.”
-The look of the bottle is just so pretty. I won’t want to hide it.
-It’s available at Wal-mart, so almost anywhere.
-I was actually excited to actually have a dish washing session! Ha!
-It’s a brand I trust so I know it will work for my family and I.


PS. I have three coupons that are up for grabs. Just email me at "ride.the.spiral@icloud.com" with the subject "Fresh Infusion" and your address in the body and I will send them out tomorrow :)

{Disclaimer} I am a member of the Influenster and received these products from them. I was not paid for my opinion. These opinions are solely my own.