…and the tree was happy.

As I cuddle with you for your daily nap, my heart starts to tell me to cherish these little moments. I’m going to miss holding you like I am doing so now. Holding your hand as you doze off while still in my arms will now just be a distant memory. Lately as I look through my Instagram pictures of you, I sigh because one day that is all I will have of your childhood. Now you are nearing your second birthday and it baffles me how quickly that time has passed.




April is nearing and chaos has once again creeped in into our home with plans for your birthday. The theme is set and details are starting to come about. Your birthday is a reminder to us of what our love has brought forth—you. 



As I await for you to wake up from your nap, I eagerly walk towards the hallway where I meet you each time. Once you emerge from your very own bedroom you run up to “Mami!” and give me a tight hug all while your little smiley face is burned into my memory. Those are the routines I always look forward to.







“and she loved a little boy very much

ever more than she loved herself.”

-- The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein