I'm Featured!

I am so excited that this week, I am a co-host over at “Think Outside the Blog!” When Mama Harris From the Kitchen with Mama Harris contacted me with an invitation, I of course was elated.  Now, this blog hop isn't your normal “DIYer” or “Foodie” or even a “Fashion and Beauty” blog hop, no! This hop is about those of us who don’t normally fit that mold. Myself included. I've tried the DIY route and have failed miserably. I even tried the baking that a lot of bloggers do with Cake Pops and those tasty cookies. But yep, you have guessed it. Failed. However, this doesn’t mean I will not post my many endeavors. Like the one below. This was for my Husband Stevan’s 27th birthday! What was more appropriate than a 1UP for a Nintendo Lover?


Mind you, that took me all day!


(Highlight, press CTRL+C to COPY)