I'm chicken

I have to make a phone call which has me on edge today. I chickened out and emailed them instead. Usually I'll face this problem head on and just call to explain things or whatever, but not this time.

For quite some time I knew in my heart that Michael had a speech delay. He isn't stringing words together to make sentences like he should. He won't even use words correctly. I know he can too! For instance, when we decided to wean him from the bottle, he cried out "Leche" which means Milk in Spanish. So I know he knows what it is even though we correct him many times. He still insists on using "Vava" for Water/fluids. Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Milk, and Water are all "Vava." It hurts knowing he isn't on track and even though Stevan is in denial, it's up to me to get this corrected. Today I emailed Early Start. It's a program that helps infants and toddlers reach milestones if they are delayed--in other words, Michael has a speech delay. I know he can learn and can talk because he knows the WHOLE alphabet by sight, sings them, and can say them. He's smart, I just don't understand why he won't talk more than he is.

So here we go. I'm going to wait for a response to that email. If I don't get one by tomorrow morning, I'm calling.