We try! I promise.

When Stevan and I decided to get pregnant, we knew life was going to change—dramatically for us. Our friends were going to change, our interactions with people were going to change, our plans were going to change. So far, everything has been true.


When we got pregnant, things starting changing a little bit. I couldn’t drink and enjoy some down time with my friends. Which was okay, it was for my baby. Then we had our little Michael and that’s when everything changed completely. Everyone loved him, but our circle of friends weren’t around as usual anymore. Maybe they wanted to give us the privacy and time to adjust to a newborn. Maybe. All I know is that life changed. We don’t regret taking this path at all—how can you? Especially when he grabs your face, makes the Mmmm sound and gives you a kiss on the lips. But I do admit that I miss those friends.


This past weekend was evident of how much life has changed since we became parents. We visited some friends who recently just got engaged and although they are just starting their lives together, we are still on separate lines of life. Being the only parents in your circle of friends is hard. We thought we had our bases covered in order to provide entertainment for Michael. We were wrong. All the toys, snacks, and even the tablet couldn’t hold his attention for too long—he wanted their cat’s food dish and water bowl to play with. It was embarrassing having to clean up the mess several times.


How do you do it? How do you handle situations like that?


On the bright side: We took Michael to the Train Expo earlier this weekend for him to see Thomas the Tank Engine. So I know we are good parents—some of the times. Ha ha!


Photo Feb 24, 12 31 48 PM


Photo Feb 24, 12 13 35 PM


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