This is why I don’t bake.



Ever have one of those mornings when things are just starting off the wrong foot? I had that happen earlier today.  See, Steve’s birthday is coming up this weekend and I thought right now would be a great time to try out this pinterest pin from Brown Eyed Baker. It’s supposed to make your regular boxed cakes from just, well regular boxed cakes to have it taste like a cake from a bakery. I’, always up for saving a dime, so I said, “why not?!”


I followed the instructions exactly like it asked. I added the 5 eggs to my Pillsbury Funfetti Cake (who doesn’t love Funfetti?!) along with the milk and butter that was to substitute the water and oil. I used my mixer on low-medium and then WHAM! I saw batter on the other side of my bowl. Why?! When did this batter jump from the bowl and onto the counter? Turns out that it didn’t. What happened was that the mixer killed my bowl and shattered it. Yep. There were now plastic bowl shards in my Funfetti cake batter. I almost cried. Almost.  I scooped up the remaining batter and placed it in my already greased cake pan. *sigh* Here went nothing..



Fast forward to this evening after my husband gets off work--

He sees the cake and says, “Mmm! Cake!” I just gasp and try to warn him. Too late. He already took a slice and a bite. As he is eating his slice of cake, I fill him in on my cake story. As I finish telling him what happened, a piece of the bowl had popped up in his mouth. This cake definitely won a trip to the garbage can. Did I try it? Yes. Was it as good as a cake from a bakery? Yes. Oh goodness yes.


On the bright side, I became a hero to my son by jimmy rigging his toys. He loves to try and connect different train sets together and then gets mad when he can’t.