Fab Fridays

Today I decided to link up with Laura over at The Every Day Joys and write about the fabulous things that are currently happening in our lives.




The fabulous things are...

  1. Today I will become a Sponsor for my cousin who will be having her Confirmation. She is the youngest cousin of our huge (30 plus grandchildren) family. This makes me happy that she has chosen me to help guide her through life. Very exciting!
  2. This weekend is my hubby Stevan's 30th birthday. He keeps walking around the house saying things like, "I'm turning old!!" Which is funny since I am the oldest of the two (2.5 years!)So if he is turning old, I must be ancient!
  3. Just this past weekend, our friends had asked us to do a photoshoot for free! Yes! Free! Who can turn that down? She's trying to build her portfolio, so it's a win/win. Yes/Yes!! We never had an engagement shoot and so this was just like that for us. Plus after almost ten years together (in October,) I think it’s time for a little love photo shoot. No?
    Here’s a preview of what I have from her. So excited!