To my dear Husband,


Today is your birthday. You have crossed over and have joined the Thirty Somethings like your wife. Welcome! This morning I asked you how does it feel to be thirty, you said, “Everything hurts.” Again, welcome!


Today I am reminded once again how wonderful it is to be blessed to have you for another year. Another beautiful year with you. This weekend has been a celebration for your life, and so far, the celebrations have not stopped. I am eagerly awaiting to take you out to lunch during your lunch break. Whoo!


Today, once again, I will thank your mother for raising such an intelligent,  talented, charming, and funny man who is now my husband. She raised you and your 9 other siblings on her own. That in itself deserves a medal, and look how you guys turned out! Crazy, but oh so wonderful.


Today, we celebrate! Today is a great day!


We love you.