busy bee

My life is going "busy bee" mode right now. I love it. I've been "lounging around" for way too long. Yesterday I baby sat my little nephew and Michael and I had a blast! I stopped doing my daily housewife chores (lol) and took the kiddos outside so we can play. I took Michael's table and chair set he got for Christmas and the two toddlers had snack time outside. It was so cute! I baby sat Gabriel for from 10am until 7pm. It sort of gave me an insight of what life would be with another child (and the idea of how it would be with packing up the car with two toddlers by myself--not fun.) At least I know I can manage.


Left: Gabriel. Right: Michael
Today I had a refresher course at work. I still can't believe I will be going back to work after so long. I'm just glad I was able to spend the first year, heck two years basically, with Michael. Those are the most precious. Anyways, back to work. Literally. I was a bit nervous since I swore I thought I forgot everything. I'm glad I didn't because I was able to man the computer system and phone like I only went on a mini vacation. I start next Friday and hopefully everything goes great. I'm still a wee but nervous since I'll be myself already with the bather there. Here goes nothing. After that refresher course, Michael set out on a walk. "Gars!" were everywhere and he made sure I knew it!
Tomorrow, we have a date night with a mutual friend. He's taking us out to dinner. Free food is always great! Especially when it's a restaurant you love. I am salivating over the Posole they make. Let me just tell you that Posole isn't everyone's cup of tea when it comes to making it. I've had many variations of it and only my Mama and this place I will eat the entire bowl. Oh so yummy! Then, like most people in America, we will be attending a BBQ. We may not watch the 49ers play, we aren't football fans (gasp! I know!!) but we do love gatherings. So Food, food, and food