Midweek Confessions

I love this series. You can always vent when you need to or if you are out of blog post options, this is a great alternative too.

-Michael caught the Pink Eye. First week at school and he already caught whatever has been going around. This isn't fun when he already has a cold. Poor guy. Earlier last week he had a stomach virus. Worst week ever!

-I've decided that while I go to work, my hair will be "heat free." Let's see how long this trend lasts. I figure if it will give me an extra 30 minutes to snooze and all I need for my hair is just a pony tail elastic, it should be a Win/Win situation. No? Plus it's been like 111* degrees out here in Sacramento.

-I'm blaming the heat for all of the non cooking lately. All of our favorite dishes require me standing next to the flame. I do not want.

- My fuel gauge this morning said "Low fuel." Okay, I have enough to get to work and I will fill it up during my lunch or after work. On my drive to work, the computer's mileage range kept creeping up instead of going down to zero. This freaked me out! I'm praying during my entire commute that I don't get stranded on the freeway. Thank goodness I made it! Definitely getting gas during my lunch (no pun intended here.)