Poodle Day Parade + Happy marriage.

It's been like eons since we've had any sort of "family trip." By family trip, I mean the whole family--including the dog. In fact, this trip was based on our dog--sort of. See, I work in the pet field. My bosses groom all sort of furbabies and when my mini family and I were invited to join them for a few days in Monterey, we couldn't say no. So off we all went to the sweet and beautiful bay area called Monterey.

We drove Friday morning, albeit late morning, only to arrive mid-afternoon. This only gave us 2 hours to see all of the wonders that the Monterey Bay Aquarium had to hold. The drive to the aquarium from our hotel was just beautiful.
Cannery Row

This was his reaction to the water fall wall.

Reaction after.

Saturday was just amazing! It was time for Jambi, our Jack Russell-Yorkie Mix, to have some family fun. He saw oodles and oodles of Poodles everywhere. Hence the famous "Poodle Parade." You can see last year's gallery on the Poodle Parade website, but here are two snippets from our trip.

Sesame Street!

The Simpons!

Then it was off to the beach to hang out with. Obviously Michael + sand equals loads of fun as usual. Loads of fun!

This guy is silly. He would run up to meet the waves, but as soon as his little feet touched it, he would back away. lol
Sand + Michael= fun! 

What a great way to start our eighth year of marriage.