I woke up with long hair, I swear!

I'm stuck. Not so much in a rut, just stuck. I have a ton of stuff going on these past months that is what is keeping me from actually putting a post together. I really want to keep this blog alive, and I'm trying so hard to do so, but lately it's just been kind of crazy around here. I don't want to put this little blog aside, I want to keep it. It's just hard trying to find WHAT to put on here. Well, why don't I just write what has been going on? A lot of it is just sad family stuff (grandparents passing, family health issues, etc.) that I don't want a sad blog. I want a good happy blog and although I am well aware that life isn't all rainbows and unicorns, putting content that is sad time after time can just get heavy. Know what I mean?

I'm not gone. I'm still around. Mainly on FB and on Instagram. Although FB is my personal account, you are more than welcomed to see me via Instagram @ Lily_in_the_sky if you like. I also just recently downloaded Periscope. I've only had one session on there and I may do more. We will see how that goes.

I'm thinking of switching things up around here. I figure switching things up from being a mommy type of blog and just making it be more of a ME blog. More of "A day in the life...." type. I need a space where I can just post about me, include my family if and when I want to, and vent a little. Sort of like a journal. Free therapy, right? Along with a new blog venture, maybe a design more fitting of ME. But I'm pretty sure a new design won't happen until later on.

Speaking of new. Something dreadful happened. I needed a change I was in charge of. I needed something. A hair cut. I'd been itching for a shorter do' for some while and it was driving me nuts. My husband insisted that I would regret it and that I would complain after a few weeks. Mind you, I'm side eyeing that sentence here. So I finally go and take the plunge. I walk into this new salon that someone I know had been raging about. I tell the stylist what I wanted. She snips off some hair. Then some more hair. I woke up this morning with hair to just below the middle of my back. I'd been getting compliments for months on how healthy I had kept it. How I had a ton of hair and how envious people must have been. Back to the stylist, she gave me that new "Lob"/"Blogger Bob" that is instyle right now, but then she started to add layers. This is where everything changed. I kid you, this is what nightmares are made of. After she "added layers" she finished off with the blow dry and curled my hair. After checking the length, I thought the curls she gave me perhaps made my hair look shorter. I paid the girl and went on my way home. I showered and tried to do my hair like she did it. After blow drying straight, I saw it. My hair was not layered, it was hacked!! I'm serious!!I had one front layer at my chin and the other at my ear. They were lopsided, and that's trying to be modest. I cried. I cried so hard. I knew I should have gone back but by that time, my kid was napping and it was late (6pm.)

My husband came home and he just gave me the most "WTF?!" look I had ever seen. He stille says he didn't say it, but he didn't have to with that look. We looked around everywhere for a salon that was still open. We went into Great Clips and although they are a chain store, they saved me. They seriously saved me. They let me cry and they treated me as if they were my BFF's and we both vented about the hack job. The only thing missing was a mimosa or wine. So just like my title, "I woke up with long hair, I swear!" It's been in a pony tail since and some days I feel brave enough to actually wear it "flowing."